Techniline has been in the business of providing professional audio equipment and fine musical instruments to an established network of clients, retailers and export partners since 1994. The company commenced operations with the import and distribution of public address systems. Since, the company has echoed Dubai’s growth to become an established brand for pro audio and musical instruments that reaches sixty countries across three continents. Since its inception, Techiniline has evolved its offerings to include a range of professional audio equipment, fine musical instruments, DJ equipment, stage lighting and accessories. Techniline has created a retail and distribution portfolio of globally recognised brands from USA, UK, Germany, Italy, India, China, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia. Hosting one of Middle East’s largest showrooms in terms of floor space and variety with its retail presence, techniline has also developed an extended network of reliable valuable chain partners. Techniline also exports and distributes professional audio equipment through a dense network of channel partners.
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Apart from our retail division, which hails flagships stores across the U.A.E, our B2B division leads distribution, corporate sales, and installation projects.

B2B Partnerships

Techniline’s two decades of operation have seen it build a dense network of wholesalers, channel partners and export partnerships. Techniline’s B2B network consists of a hundred plus dealers across the region. The company’s represented products reach markets across the Middle East, Africa and CIS region. Along with this, our close ties with the local market enable us to meet the supply requirements of any variety of international brands in demand. Thus, saving the time, effort, and money of our partner companies.

Installation Projects

The installation team provides turnkey solutions for a variety of venues and projects using the latest technologies and equipment in Professional Audio and Stage Lighting solutions. At Techniline we believe that the key to success is we treat each project independently and our process begins with establishing a dedicated team of professionals covering everything from consulting and execution, to project management. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we have regularly delivered state of the art projects throughout the region with meticulous attention to detail, impeccable, quality and timely delivery.

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